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Family Law | An Offensive Proposal

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I recently came across an article about a man who proposes to his girlfriend at her Essex University graduation, and she says:

“I think that this day became even more beautiful with this proposal”

So what? A lovely gesture – but what is so important about this? I hear you ask. Well, I thought the exact same thing…

Until I read that this man’s proposal was slammed online by a group of women for “turning a celebration of her intellect into a stage for his own ego”. Further, Dr Jana Bacevic of

Cambridge University then said:

“99.9% of men are threatened by a woman’s intellect”.

Am I reading this correctly?

Imagine for a moment that this was a man painting the entire female gender with a generalisation. Imagine the uproar. Who are these women to say whether this proposal should have been done privately, publicly or on a particular day of the year? No doubt the most important thing is that this is a memorable and loving moment for the couple, both the man and the woman, and clearly this man wanted to publicly declare that.

The comments of Dr Bacevic and her squad only reek of insecurity and ignorance.

Maybe those people who bitterly twisted this issue were perhaps too threatened by the fact that they may not feel so overwhelmed with love themselves, which is hardly surprising given their attitude.

Let’s hope that Cambridge University will deal with Dr Bacevic in the same way they would of a sexist man, however, I am doubtful that this will be the case.

There needs to be less of thinking the worst of men. Not everything needs to become a feminist issue.

This information provided in this article is not intended to constitute legal advice and each matter requires careful consideration in our view by a person fully qualified before decisions are made and before you embark on a certain course of action.

Emma Aslett

0207 183 4595

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