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Wills & Probate | Highest Number Of Charities In Wills

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I recently read that Smee & Ford’s annual Legacy Trends Report showed that the number of unique charities named in Wills is the highest number on record.

In 2021, it appears that 10,670 unique charities were named in Wills.

After being a part of Will Aid 2021, it is clear that there are so many charitable people and it is great to see that there has been such a substantial rise in gifs to charities.

Not only can it be tax beneficial for you, but this also provides a large financial boost for the charity (or charities) of your choice.

Hopefully, this will help future generations leave a gift in their Will to a charity.

Even a small gift in a Will can make such a big difference to some.

It is important to prepare a Will to ensure that your loved ones are protected, but it is also important to ensure that your own wishes are protected, including if you wish to give assets to charity. Without a Will it will not be possible.

Please contact me if you wish to have your Will drafted or if you need to update your excising Will.

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The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute professional advice and you should take full and comprehensive legal, accountancy or financial advice as appropriate on your individual circumstances by a fully qualified Solicitor, Accountant or Financial Advisor/Mortgage Broker before you embark on any course of action.


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