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Family Law | Male Domestic Violence

Updated: Jul 31

Respect Men’s Advice Line, which offers support to men experiencing domestic abuse, have announced that they received 13,812 calls and emails between April 2020 and July 2020 during the lockdown period.

Respect Men’s Advice Line also advised that this is a 60% increase compared to the 8,648 within the same months in 2019.

Ippo Panteloudakis of Respect said:

“It was absolutely clear the lockdown period exacerbated everyone’s domestic abuse experiences.

[Callers] were talking about increases in violence, increases in psychological abuse and becoming homeless as a result of the domestic abuse and not having anywhere to go.

We had reports from men sleeping in their cars overnight or sleeping in their friends’ or parents’ gardens in tents…”

Furthermore, Men Standing Up, who take male domestic abuse referrals from across the country, started up 6 years ago and has dealt with more than 4,000 cases, and ran a support group and helped victims attend Court for hearings.

This is a very interesting article by the BBC, “Male domestic abuse victims ‘sleeping in cars and tents'".

This clearly shows that there has been a substantial impact on men suffering from domestic violence during the lockdown, and it is imperative that the public realise that it is not just women who suffer from domestic violence.

The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute legal advice and you should take full and comprehensive legal advice on your individual circumstances by a fully qualified Solicitor before you embark on any course of action.

Emma Aslett

Penn Chambers Solicitors

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