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Wills & Probate | Price You Pay = Quality

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

In the case of Reeves v Drew & Ors, the Judge rejected the argument that a cheap Will writing deal caused poor service.

The Judge commented that the preparation of the deceased’s Will was “strange”, and the Will writer argued that a fixed fee of £140 + VAT was negotiated and he (the Will writer) would not be able to provide a first class service. The Will writer compared the quality of the service he provided to his client to “the quality of clothes at Primark”.

I am not sure how to comment on this… when I read about this case, I was absolutely shocked.

I tell so many people to be very careful when preparing a DIY Will as this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

If you are looking into preparing a Will and working with a lawyer, do not assume that the cheapest option will be the best. Think about what is best for your needs and the quality of service you would expect.

Remember, the price you pay for something usually equals its quality.

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The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute professional advice and you should take full and comprehensive legal, accountancy or financial advice as appropriate on your individual circumstances by a fully qualified Solicitor, Accountant or Financial Advisor/Mortgage Broker before you embark on any course of action.


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