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£12.3m Fortune Inheritance Battle

Another family arguing over an inheritance…

The late Reg Bond passed away in 2021 and his children have since been arguing over his £12.3m fortune.

Mr Bond left £325,000 each to his son Mike and daughter Lindsay. Mr Bond left his remaining estate (of circa £12.3m) to his sons Charlie and Graham.

Mike and Lindsay are now arguing that their father’s 2019 Will was not valid and argue that Mr Bond did not understand what he was agreeing to. There have been arguments that the medical professional records show that Mr Bond did not have mental faculties at the time of preparing his Will.

This is an ongoing case and it will be interesting to see how things progress.

Make sure you have a Will prepared properly, and if there is any doubt as to someone mental capacity, the relevant medical professionals should be instructed to carry out an assessment.

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