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Grandfather’s Will Upheld By Court

There has been a recent case of a High Court judge ruling in favour of a gentleman’s decision to leave the majority of his estate to his two surviving children, rather than his grandchildren.

Frederick Ward Snr passed away in 2020, leaving two children – Terry and Susan. Mr Ward survived his son, Fred Jr, who had 5 daughters.

Mr Ward described upset and disappointment that he had little contact and visits from his late son’s grandchildren, even when he was hospitalised for some time due to a lung condition.

Mr Ward decided to leave his estate to his two surviving children, save for £50 for each of his five granddaughters by his deceased son.

The granddaughters felt entitled to a part of the estate equivalent to their late father’s share.

The Judge ruled that the Will was, as he said, “entirely rational” and emphasised the lack of contact between Mr Ward and his granddaughters.

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