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Probate Registry Delays

Many stories are going around about the frustrating delays in the probate process. Even when your probate lawyer acts promptly and has all the necessary documents ready for submission, the probate registry can still take many weeks to respond. Currently, the estimated turnaround time with the Probate Registry delays is around 16 weeks (!), but based on experience, it can often extend even longer.

Recent data highlights a concerning trend: the number of probate cases taking over a year to be granted has increased by 65% over the past three years. These delays exacerbate the emotional and financial strain on the families of the deceased. Until probate is granted, assets cannot be moved, transferred, or sold, which can be particularly frustrating for those who rely on these assets for daily living.

Additionally, if any taxes are due—such as inheritance tax, income tax, or capital gains tax—late payment penalties and interest may accrue when cash from the estate is not available to cover these liabilities.

Families already face significant emotional turmoil from losing a loved one. Extended probate delays only add to their distress, making an already difficult time even more challenging.

Since probate delays appear to be an ongoing issue, seeking professional advice to navigate the process efficiently is crucial. Proper guidance can help minimise delays and reduce additional emotional and financial burdens.

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The information provided in this article is not intended to constitute professional advice and you should take full and comprehensive legal, accountancy or financial advice as appropriate on your individual circumstances by a fully qualified Solicitor, Accountant or Financial Advisor/Mortgage Broker before you embark on any course of action.

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