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Ongoing Probate Registry Delays | 2024 February Update

Probate practitioners have known about the ongoing probate delays for some time now, but it is not something that is public knowledge. When explaining the delays to clients, the response is shock and surprise. Your probate lawyer can act as quickly as possible, but nothing can be helped when it comes to the probate registry delays.


However, the news of the Probate Registry delays recently hit the national press and public media outlets provided information and stories to the public about these delays.


A recent STEP survey revealed that errors made by the probate registry itself were a key reason for the delays. There have also been talks that the people reviewing the applications are not senior enough to make particular decisions.


I hope that the recent articles to public media outlets will help towards decreasing the delays as well inform the public about what are the reasons causing the delays.

People who are going through a bereavement already have the distress of losing someone close to them, and the ongoing delays are only increasing stress and upset during an already difficult time.

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