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Wills & Probate | Scottish Lasting Powers of Attorney – What Do They Mean In England & Wales?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

There have always been questions by clients, understandably, about the three jurisdictions within the United Kingdom, that being England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

There have always been questions by clients surrounding Lasting Powers of Attorney that are made outside of England and Wales but within the United Kingdom, are valid in England and Wales.

Issues have recently been raised as Patrick Grady (Scottish National Party MP for Glasgow) noticed that third parties within England and Wales were rejecting Scottish Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Mike Freer MP confirmed that there was legislation in place which recognise Scottish Lasting Powers of Attorney in England and Wales. A copy of that letter can be found HERE.

It is important to know that your Scottish Lasting Powers of Attorney work in England and Wales, however, it is as important to a) make sure that your Lasting Powers of Attorney are up to date, and b) to consider whether you need different Attorneys for different jurisdictions.

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