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Isle of Man – Will Assisted Dying Be Legal?

It is looking like the Isle of Man may be potentially legalising assisted dying.


There are debates worldwide about whether this is something that should be legalised – one debate suggests that it will ensure terminally ill people do not continue to suffer, whereas the other would say that there could be potential coercion or undue influence on those who are vulnerable.


A private members bill has been introduced by Dr Alex Allinson (who is both a politician and doctor) in the island’s parliament, allowing “terminally ill adults with a clear and settled intention” to seek such assistance.


Even if you thought assisted dying should be legalised, there are still many points that need to be debated and clarified before it is legalised. For example, what is defined as a clear and settled intention, and who administers the lethal drug, the medical professional or the patient? If there was a better quality of care, would this change people's opinions on assisted dying?


Let’s watch this space and see what transpires…

Emma Aslett

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